Smith Lights

This can be used as a single work light or in multiples as a quick and easy way to light up walkways

User Benefits

• Double-sided pivoting head gives all-round illumination
• ABS Polycarbonate IP65 casing is shock, UV and water-resistant
• Low heat output allows the light to be used in confined spaces
• Maximum 12 hours run time on one LED head
• Maximum 6 hour run time on two LED heads

• Voltage - 240V(charger); 12V(bulb)
• Run Time - 12 hours
• Open Height - 1100mm
• Dimensions - 600 (H) x 334 (W) x 220mm (D)
• Lumens - 2060LM
• Weight - 7.7kg

This battery-powered LED light is both versatile and energy-efficient making it the greener alternative to traditional halogen, fluorescent and incandescent lighting.

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