Roof Ladders

Compact for easy storage and transportation

User Benefits

• Heavy-duty roof hook, strong superior fit across the roof apex
• Large rubber sleeved end bar for enhanced safety and grip
• Large rubber sleeved non-slip support bars provide additional protection for the roof
• Box section stiles for strength and rigidity, lightweight but strong
• Redesigned wheels for easier manoeuvring on the roof
• Heavy-duty locking catches for increased stability and prevention of sections separating

• Closed Height - 3.21m
• Sections x Rungs - 2 x 18
• Load Capacity - 150kg
• Weight - 13.05kg

The Double Section Roof Ladder has an optimum weight frame for ease of positioning with no compromise on strength. Fitted with a heavy-duty roof hook with large non-slip rubber end bar for a superior apex fit. Heavy-duty locking catches and non-slip rubber sleeved support bars for roof protection. Large wheels for easy manoeuvring on the roof.

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