Peco & Eco Platform Lifts

This fast and efficient low level access product is elevated using a unique wind up mast which means no need for power source or batteries

User Benefits

• Eco-friendly with no batteries or power consumption
• Fits through interior doorways and lifts
• Anti surf auto brake when elevated
• Step into the platform, no climbing
• Unlimited lift cycles
• Intuitive to operate, turn the handle to elevate
• Ideal for cleanroom projects
• IPAF category PAV
• Safety Harnesses available

• Platform Height - 1.5m
• Working Height - 3.5m
• S.W.L. - 150kg (1 person + tools)
• Dimensions - 0.9 m x 0.7m x 1.55m
• Maximum Manual Force - 200N
• Maximum Gradient for Operation - 0°
• Maximum Wind Force - Internal use only
• Maximum Wheel Force - 125kg
• Maximum Castor Point Load - 125kg
• Sound Pressure Level - <70(dB)A
• Weight - 180kg

It has an auto-lock mechanism that activates on elevation ensuring the product cannot be moved when in use and it can be used up to a 3.5m working height and also has an auto-lock system allowing you to work at any height during elevation.

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