Long-Handled Hedge Trimmer

This Long Handled Petrol Hedge Trimmer lets you cut tall hedges in the garden

User Benefits

• Adjustable cutter bar for greater versatility and less tiring work
• Remote control to make adjusting cutting bar easier during operation
• Capable of cutting twigs up to 20mm
• Can reach heights of up to 3m
• Please note
- We are restricted by law from selling petrol however petrol can be purchased from a petrol station using an approved petrol storage container
- Fuel is not supplied with this item.

• Engine - Recoil-start 2-stroke
• Fuel - Petrol + 2-stroke mix
• Cutter Length - 550mm
• Pole Length - 2.34m
• Weight - 6.6kg

With this Long Handled Petrol Hedge Trimmer, you don't need access equipment to cut tall hedges anywhere in the garden.

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