Central Heating Flusher

A professional descaled unit to flush out central heating systems

User Benefits

• Heats the machines 50 Litre tank to 65°C in under 35 minutes
• Can cut downtime on-site by an hour and a half
• Speeds up chemical reaction time
• 40 Radiators over 3 storeys
• All high-quality metal fittings
• 85°C Max operating temp
• Reverse & double dump as STD
• Easy to use Camlock connections
• Supplied with heavy-duty bund tank

• Max flow rate - 150 Litre’s per minute
• 50 Litre heavy duty tank
• Weight - 12kg
• Connection - 1/2" bsp pipe
• Made in the U.K

It removes harmful oxide deposited which may cause blockages and radiator cold spots

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