Brad Nailer

For fixing architrave, door sets, beading, picture rails and second fix carpentry

User Benefits

• Optimal Balance - A lightweight and well-balanced tool allowing easy manoeuvrability in open/tight spaces
• No-Mar Tip for accurate placement and reduced damage to wood
• Quick charge battery - Brad Nailer can fire up to 6,000 brads on a single 1-hour charge
• Consistent finishing - Adjustable depth of drive system allows seamless fixing without the extra time needed to re-touch or re-finish

• Power - Rechargeable Battery & Gas Fuel Cell
• Voltage - 240V (charger)
• Nail Range - 16-63mm
• Weight - 2.1kg
• Dimensions - 301 x 288 x 90mm

This lightweight nailer drives brads into lightweight blocks, screed and plaster in one easy action.

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